VIDEO AND GALLERY: Night dance show of Gaudeamus with light and fire performance


NPO Tartu Üliõpilasmaja
24 June 2018

The ‘The Mystery of Midsummer Eve’ dance performance that took place yesterday night brought nearly 1,400 dancers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to Tartu Tamme Stadium. See a summary clip from yesterday’s ‘The Mystery of Midsummer Eve’ performance.


The idea of the performance was based on a story by Juhani Pütsepp about a young man and woman who fall in love with each other but are not allowed to be together. Their love leads to a series of adventurous and mysterious events, from which the tradition of Midsummer bonfires was born. For the performance, a huge stage equal to four Olympic pools and lighting equipment were set up at Tartu Tamme Stadium.

“With such a performance it is not possible to conduct rehearsals the same way as in theaters, where you can continuously monitor the process and the whole performance. The light effects of the show, over a thousand performers, and the entire arrangement – all this was simply so extensive that preparation took place at different places and at different times. Dancers and dance directors are also from different countries. What happened yesterday was a great miracle of Midsummer Eve for me, too. I had to play the performance through in my head and believe that the idea would actually work. Of course, I had a lot of doubt as to whether all the elements would come together,” commented Renee Nõmmik, director of the ‘The Mystery of Midsummer Eve’ performance.

“It was overwhelming to finally see the show as a whole. I’m really very happy and thank all the performers and members of the production team,” added Nõmmik.

Yesterday, 407 dancers from Estonia, 621 from Latvia and 419 from Lithuania performed at the Tamme Stadium. The director of the ‘The Mystery of Midsummer Eve’ dance show is Renee Nõmmik, the music director is Ardo Ran Varres and the lighting artist is Meelis Lusmägi, a laureate of the Lighting Designer of the Year award.

Today, beginning at 16:00, the ‘The Songs of Midsummer’ song celebration and concert performance will end the Gaudeamus Festival at the Tartu Song Festival Grounds. The performance, which is one of the main events of Gaudeamus, will carry participants through the Midsummer traditions of the three Baltic States and through a 1,000 years of summer solstices. The best student choirs and orchestras of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will perform in the song celebration. The organisers recommend buying tickets in advance to avoid queues.

Gaudeamus, which is part of the Estonia 100 celebrations, brings together Midsummer traditions, light art, music, choral singing and dance in a special performance the likes of which have never been staged before in Tartu.

A selection of photos from the festival, including yesterday’s night dance show, can be found HERE.

The project is being supported by Estonia 100, the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Culture, the City of Tartu, the Rectors Conference, the University of Tartu, the Estonian University of Life Sciences and the Estonian National Museum.


For further information, please contact:
Meelika Hirmo
Director of Communications, Gaudeamus 2018
Phone: +372 50 41 258

Photo: Timo Arbeiter