Gaudeamus performers can ride free on city buses


The Tartu municipality decided to give students participating at the 2018 Gaudeamus student festival the right to free public transportation in the city of Tartu from 22 to 24 June, 2018. The right to ride free of charge can be proven by showing controllers the festival wrist band.

In addition, to make getting around simpler, Gaudeamus has organised a bike rental. More information about renting bikes is available HERE.

Additional information about the bus lines and schedules is available HERE.

On 22-24 June, the student song and dance festival Gaudeamus 2018 will be held in Tartu. The participants at the festivities include the best student choirs, dancers and instrumentalists from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, with 4500 performers altogether.

The EV 100 programme feature Gaudeamus brings together Midsummer’s traditions, light arts, music, choral music and dance in a spectacular show the likes of which have never been organised in Tartu.

The project is supported by EV100, the Ministry of Education and Research, the city of Tartu, Universities Estonia, the Estonian University of Life Sciences, and the Estonian National Museum.

Photo: Juhan Voolaid